Not too long ago, Joyful Voices was a small community choir open to anyone who wanted to join. We have recently grown to over 60 singers and we are pleased we have become as popular as we are.

Going forward, however we don’t want to grow any bigger. Instead, as current singers move on and depart the choir, we want to find singers who will:

So, come the fall, as our new season beg ins, the board of the choir will ascertain how many new singers, if any, we will need in each voice part to round out our choir. After that we will begin a selection process. As part of that process our director, Donnell Patterson, will help assess prospective singers’ voices, to ascertain range and a singer’s optimal voice part, but final selection of new singers will be made by the board, not the director.

Please check back on our website in the fall when we will post more detailed information about our 2017-2018 season.

An annual participation fee is set annually each September and covers the entire season from September - June. The 2017-2018 season's $100 participation fee is payable in full when your application is accepted. Alternative payment arrangements can be made if needed.