From traditional to contemporary black gospel,
Joyful Voices of Inspiration sings it all with heart and soul!

Joyful Voices of Inspiration is group of singers who love to sing gospel music. They understand that gospel music is both a powerful spiritual, inspirational, medium as well as a treasured, Afro American musical art form. The choir enjoys nothing more than sharing their inspiring gospel music with others.

The choir is not aligned with any faith or denomination, and represents people from a wide range of religious backgrounds and beliefs. They all have discovered the joy and power that lives in the music and the message of gospel. The choir welcomes people of all races, creeds, and classes, and aspires to serve as a model of diversity and harmony.

Joyful Voices of Inspiration was formed in the Spring of 1999 as a “one-time only” choir thrown together for a quick singing tour to Italy. The group found that their gospel music and their message was enthusiastically received as they performed in Italy and wanted to continue singing.

Upon returning from that first tour, the founders incorporated the choir as a non-profit educational organization with a mission to “promote a greater appreciation for black gospel music, both in America and throughout the world”.

Founded as a traveling choir, they go on tour most every summer as an important part of their mission and the Joyful Voices experience. To date the choir has taken their music to Italy, France, Holland, Ireland, Brazil, Costa Rica and Argentina to name a few.